The far northwestern part of China lies a world like no other. The endless miles of mountain steppes and desert plains traversing its horizon have a natural effect to devastate any seasoned traveler, let alone inexperienced ones. Yet it’s fascinating that this very harsh environment cradles a myriad of peoples marked by a common generosity, charm and hospitality. Home to ethnic minorities no different from those in Central Asia, Xinjiang is an enigma. Its history stems from a rich and long narrative of different cultures and empires. A fusion of worlds - almost a blend of East and West.

Putting paint into paper for this landscape and her peoples is a memory walk for me. I’m transported back to my good old days of experiencing life in Kazakh yurts, listening to Uighur musicians, attending Hui weddings, riding horses with Kyrgyz children, drinking tea with Chinese. I blend the moment with my past, hoping these pictures will tell stories that are otherwise long forgotten.